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Hi! My name is Marjan and I am the designer behind Millionbells Crochet Patterns.

Together with my dear friend Ron, I live in a small town in The Netherlands, very close to the German border and to the beautiful green countryside, which I love so much.

I'm glad you came to this page, where I can tell you a little bit about me and my crochet life.

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This is me

I started designing in 2011, on a small scale, trying to create the items and characters in my head and it grew from there.  


It was a fun learning experience and in order to remember what I crocheted, in case I wanted to make the item again, I started scribbeling down my own instructions. 
I repeated this method with following designs, added step-by-step pictures and a lot of additional crochet information, for other crocheters to enjoy them too.

And voilà,

my first batch of crochet patterns was a fact!

My life

When I had to make a career choice, I opted for a creative floral design course, where I learned to master the profession.

I am doing this work for over 30 years now and I work a part-time job at a lovely flower shop in a nearby town, where I get all the creative freedom in the field of flower arranging.  
Together with crochet design, this is a wonderful combination for me!

The name Millionbells comes from my work in the flower business, these are just my ever favorite garden flowers.

They bloom all summer long, with countless colorful flowers. I love them!

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